Just by reading this page, it seems reasonable enough to make the following assumptions:
  1. You acknowledge that modern business simply cannot do without technology in order to bring goods and services to the marketplace
  2. You recognize that Information Technology, while necessary and empowering, is both complex and ever-changing
  3. However casually, you are considering getting assistance from IT professionals in order to help your business navigate the technological landscape and to reduce the amount of time and risk involved with doing this work in-house
For all businesses large and small, the benefits of outsourcing are relatively well known: outsourcing creates significant savings in terms of both overhead and total cost of ownership, outsourcing provides greater operational reliability and outsourcing allows companies to more quickly implement new strategies and initiatives – to name but a few. There are, however, very specific reasons why the Small Business should consider Outsourcing their IT. Unlike larger companies, our experience has shown that most small businesses are not likely to consider hiring an internal IT manager for one or both of the following reasons:
  • The small business is unwilling or unable to absorb the costs associated with hiring an in-house IT manager
  • There is simply not enough day-to-day work to justify the costs of hiring an in-house IT manager
For many small businesses, the question of technology management then becomes centered on whether to partner with a professional IT consultancy or to have a tech-savvy individual who is already with the company carry out the IT management in-house.


“Tech-savvy” Individuals and Total Cost
of Ownership
Tech-savvy individuals are a definite asset to your company and will often be a resource that you naturally turn to for troubleshooting and technology strategizing. Many small businesses opt to go this route and this seems particularly true for new start-ups who must diligently conserve as much capital as possible. At Ravid IT, we understand the value that tech-savvy individuals bring to your company and we can always provide an On-call point of escalation to those individuals for nearly any challenge that lies outside of their skill and experience. For companies that are more technically and financially mature, however, there are some important considerations when deciding between a tech-savvy individual and a professional outsourced provider. Some of these questions can include:
  • How much time does technology troubleshooting pull this individual away from their core function each week or month?
  • Are the limits of this individual’s knowledge becoming the limits of your technology strategy?
  • Have downtimes been prolonged due to a perceived lack of knowledge and experience on the part of this tech-savvy individual?
  • Have downtimes been caused by a perceived lack of knowledge and experience on the part of this tech-savvy individual?
  • Is all of your company’s network information housed inside this person’s brain?
  • If this individual left your company, would you then be presented with a potential security risk?
  • How likely do you think it is that this individual would leave your company for another job – perhaps with a competitor?
  • How severe would the consequences be if this individual were out of the office for one or two weeks?
  • Do the responsibilities (and potential consequences) of technology management add to this individual’s work anxieties or impact their work-life balance and, therefore, put them at-risk for departure?
  • How often does this individual ask you to consider costly ‘Gee-Whiz’ technology that does not directly contribute to your company’s goals?
If you’ve found the answers to any of these questions unsettling, some form of outsourcing might be the right direction for your company. Having looked at the question of “Why Outsource,” we now invite you to learn more about Why to Outsource with Ravid IT.
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