More than any other investment, technology allows your small business to broaden its reach, challenge your competition and more efficiently drive growth and profitability. In fact, studies show that most small businesses plan to leverage their technology as a key growth strategy during the first 2 years of startup. So whether your own strategy involves web-based efforts or offline initiatives, if your business relies upon easy access to its information and instant communications, a strong network infrastructure is an absolute must have. For that reason, managing your company’s technology in an efficient and cost-effective manner is more critical than ever to the success of your small business.
Our Response
Ravid IT brings years of “big consulting firm” experience to small businesses and our extensive industry knowledge is accompanied by a deep appreciation for the financial pressures assumed by the small business owner in today’s economy. Our response: to offer a variety of technology services for all stages of your business designed specifically with your company’s bottom line in mind.
Our Promise
  • Your time and bottom line are just as important as ours
  • To empower the small business owner with the latest information available in order to make informed business decisions regarding your IT strategy
  • To talk to our clients about more than just bits and bytes. Our engineers and consultants dispense with ‘tech talk’ and, instead, present business cases for particular technologies that are couched in terms of functionality, business impact and returns on investment.
  • To deliver the sort of value, perspective and insight that, until now, has only been available to larger companies and corporations.
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